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Big update :)

Big update :)

Slunce Zambezi kennel

star  2nd BEST breeding group in RRCO” club show Stadl-Paura  star


Jch. Forrest Gump Slunce Zambezi “Forrest”

IDS Brno 27.6. – junior class – Exc. 1 JCAC, JBOB!! Juniorchampion of Czech Rep. !!! star

KCHRR club show 14.6. – junior class – Exc. 3

purplestarWDS Milan – junior class – EXC 4 !!!!! purplestar

RRCO” Stadl-Paura – junior class – Exc.4, VG3


JWW-13, Multich. Emma True Angel Slunce Zambezi “Ambi”

KCHRR club show 14.6. – champion class – EXC 3

WDS Milan – champion class – EXC

RRCO” Stadl-Paura – champion class – 2x Exc. 4 + 2nd best head female and 4th best movement


click here for Ambi´s video from WDS Milan

Gateway to Success Slunce Zambezi “Suki”

KCHRR club show 14.6. – baby class – VP 1 /7 !!! star

WDS Milan – baby class – VP

RRCO” club show Stadl-Paura – baby class – VP2, VP1 Best baby!!! star


Jch. Flavour of Win Slunce Zambezi “Wincent”

IDS Brno 27.6. – intermediate class – Exc. 1 CAC, Res. CACIB (CACIB) star

14.6. IDS (in Poland) – junior class – Exc. 1 JCAC, JBOB !! Juniorchampion of Poland star


Ch. Eternity Leila Slunce Zambezi “Leila”

RRCO” club show Stadl-Paura – open class – Exc.3, Exc. 2 Res. CAC star


Jch. Fairy Loraine Slunce Zambezi “Reiny”

KCHRR club show – junior class – Exc. 2

5.+6.+7.6. NDS+2x IDS Nitra – intermediate class – 2x Res. CAC, 1x CAC star


Ch. Eros Key to Heart Slunce Zambezi “Eros”

KCHRR club show 14.6. – Exc.


Goddess of Love Slunce Zambezi “Růženka”

KCHRR club show 14.6. – VP 2/ 7


George Clooney Slunce Zambezi “George”

IDS Brno 27.6. – baby class – VP 1 star

George 2

Collin Slunce Zambezi “Collin”

IDS Brno 27.6. – open class – EXC. 3 /10 15

Elias Princ Logan Slunce Zambezi “Logan” 

On 24.5. passed the exam: ZOP  bluestar


We are very happy about you and look forward to further successes !!!

Our beloved puppies from our “B”, “C” and “E” litters

celebrated their Birthdays  !!!!!!!

21.6. 2015  “E” puppies 3rd, 2.5.2015 “C” puppies 7th and 11.6. 2015 “B” team 9th Birthday!

We love you with our whole heart from … we wish you have a long and beautiful life …

herzen  You are all my little Assinka herzen


Slunce Zambezi in The European Ridgebacks magazine…