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Great news from show rings!

Great news from show rings!

Winter Dogshow Budapest (HU)

Johny Depp Slunce Zambezi is ?Junior Champion of Hungary?

16.2-Excellent 1,Junior Winner
17.2-Excellent 1,Junior Winner, Best Junior
18.2-Excellent 1,Junior Winner


And also nice results from son of Fabio Leroy Slunce Zambezi ..Attilla Crazy Cliff
16.2-Excellent 2,res.CAC
17.2-Excellent 1,CAC
18.2-Excellent 2,res.CAC

17.2.2018 – Victory winner and champion of champions Slovakia

JWW-13, MultiCh., MultiWinner, BIS, C.I.B. Emma True Angel Slunce Zambezi

Champion class winner, Exc. 1 CAC, TOP 4 adult dogs FCI VI. and BIG II !!!

Hera the goddess of Slunce Zambezi – Exc. 2 Res. CAC


Happy Birthday “G” puppies!!!!

Happy Birthday “G” puppies!!!!

? Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday our “G” puppies!!! ?


? Our “G” puppies celebrated this weekend their 3rd Birthday !!! ?

We wish all of puppies a lot of health and still happy life with their super owners 🙂

Big kiss for

Suki, Kevin, George, Rosie, Mayli, Viki, Tria, Kamo, Goro to Czech Rep.,

for Nicky to USA and for Jimmi to BG!!!

We love you!!!

PLANNED LITTER “K” – spring 2018

PLANNED LITTER “K” – spring 2018

With great pleasure we announce our planned litter “K” for spring 2018.

This connection is really special for us.

For more information contact me on FB or e-mail:

DuoCACIB Brno 3.- 4.2.2018

DuoCACIB Brno 3.- 4.2.2018

Like every year we went to DuoCACIB Brno.
This weekend was more about tradition than about exhibiting
and I would like to thank all my owners for keeping the tradition
and a beautiful common dinner.

And our results:

judge: 3.2. Šárka Štusáková (CZ), 4.2. V. Dvořáková (CZ)

Johny Depp Slunce Zambezi – first time in junior class – Excellent and Excellent 4

Ivi´s Dreamed Amber Slunce Zambezi “BERRY” – intermediate class – Exc. 4 and Exc. 1 CAC, Res. CACIB

Highway to Hell Slunce Zambezi “TEO” – intermediate class – 2x Exc. 2 Res. CAC

Hera the goddess of Slunce Zambezi – intermediate class – 2x Exc. 4

Goddess of Love Slunce Zambezi “ROSIE” – open class – exc 3 and excellent

George Clooney Slunce Zambezi – open class – Exc. 4 and Excellent


More pictures on my FB… HERE