„I“ litter

D.O.B.: 27.5.2016

Born 11 puppies (6/5), 7 show quality ridges, 1 female 3 crowns with kink tail, 2/1 are ridgeless



MultiCh. Eternity Leila Slunce Zambezi


63cm, 35 kg, full scissor bite

Black nose/red wheaten colour

HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD neg., DM N/N(neg.)










Ich. MultiCh. Kennebec´s Final Answer

„Titi“, „Tino“, „Valentino“

68 cm, 46 kg, full scissor bite

very nice wheaten colour

HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD neg., LTV neg.

DM: N/n, EOAD – High Confidence Clear



Name Country Sex Success HD ED OCD Quality
Ivi´s dreamed Amber SZ CZ M
Ivi´s faith for life SZ SK M
Ivi´s chance to Win SZ CZ M
Ivi´s charming Tino SZ CZ M
Ivi´s Iconic Titi SZ CZ M
Ivi´s magic Bastien SZ CZ M
Ivi´s awesome Iving SZ CZ F
Ivi´s beauty Iyeliz SZ CZ F
Ivi´s fairy Amelya SZ CZ F
Ivi´s lilac Eternity SZ CZ F
Ivi´s midnight Rose SZ CZ F