Litter – N

Litter “N”

D.O.B.: 1.8.2020

2 boys / 2 girls

All puppies with standard ridge, no excessive white, without DS,

maybe one girl with kinked tail, no hernia


Father: C.I.B, Cruft’s Winner, BISS, MultiCh. B´LOWER LEO OF TAILOR MADE “BYRON”

Mother: Ch. HERA The Goddess of Slunce Zambezi

Name Born Born weight Country HD ED OCD Teeth Other
NEVER SAY NEVER SZ – blue boy 13:15 440 g CZ A/A 0/0 neg. full scissor bite


69,5 cm

LTV neg., SA neg.

candidate for: ChCZ, ChSK, ChČKRR

NOTHING ELSE MATTERS – green boy 6:19 500g CZ
NUMBER ONE OONA PIPPI -pink girl 8:00 Malorca missing 2x P3
NAUGHTY GIRL BIBI SZ – red girl 5:20 370g CZ full scissor bite